December 2022

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Industrial   Industrial processes and products play a crucial role in today’s modern society. From food to clothing, from electronics to automobiles, industrial processes are essential for the survival if many industries. Industrial processes involve the use of machines, equipment, and various techniques to transform raw material into finished product. There are countless industrial processes […]

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Signage   Signage is an essential element of any business or organization, as it helps to attract customers, guide visitors, and communicate important information. There are various types of signage; Outdoor signs. These signs are designed to be viewed from a distance and are generally used for advertising and promoting products or services (billboards, storefront

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energy industry

Energy Industry

Energy Industry   The Energy Industry is a vital and complex sector that is responsible for the production, distribution, and consumption of energy all around the world. The energy industry needs to constantly evolve and adapt to the advancements in technologies to meet the changes in market demands. In recent years, the energy industry is

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Powder Metallurgy and Sintering​

Powder Metallurgy and Sintering​

Powder Metallurgy and Sintering​ Powder Metallurgy and Sintering​​, As a cost-effective and efficient way to produce complex parts with high precision and tight tolerances, powder metallurgy is a manufacturing process which involves the production of metal parts from metal powders. This process involves, several steps including powder production, compaction, and sintering. Production: Metal powders can

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Glass Industry

Even houses to office buildings, stores to consumer electronics, glass is a unique material which encounter in all of our life. Adhetron’s UV visible light adhesives and structural adhesives made the manufacturers life easier. You can find an intelligent Adhetron solution everywhere in your life. and so on… Glass Industry The glass industry has a

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Lighting Industry

The Lighting Industry   Everything related to design, development, production and sale of lighting products and systems along with their related services and infrastructures are part of the Lighting Industry. As a major consumer of raw materials like aluminum, glass, and plastics, had total value of around $140 billion in 2019. The lighting industry is

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aerospace industry

Aerospace Industry

The Aerospace Industry The aerospace industry deals with not only design, development, production, and sale of aircrafts & spacecrafts but also with the systems, services and infrastructures related to aircrafts & spacecrafts. With a total value of around $850 billion (in 2019), aerospace industry employs millions of people of all around the world and is

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Electronics industries

Electronics industries   Referring to the manufacturing and production of electronic devices, components and systems, the electronics industry uses various technologies and materials to design & manufacture a wide range of products such as computers, smartphones, TVs, and industrial equipment. With a market size of over $4 trillion (in 2019), the electronics industry is a

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Automotive and Transport

The Automotive & Transport Industry Automotive and Transport industry is a vital sector that plays a key role in the global economy. It encompasses the design, development, production, and sale of vehicles, as well as the infrastructure, services, and systems that support the movement of people and goods. With a total of value around $3.7

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