Adhesive The term “adhesive” refers to a material or a substance which is used for bonding two or multiple surfaces together by creating a durable entity. Adhesives, often referred to as “glues”, have been used by people for ages. What is Adhesive? Adhesive is a substance that bonds materials together by creating a bond between […]

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Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles Electric vehicles (EVs) are the type of vehicles which are powered by electric motors instead of internal combustion engines (ICEs) that run on fossil fuels. These electric motors are powered by rechargeable batteries and have almost zero emission. A Brief History Although electric vehicles have been around for more than a century, they

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Medical Industry

Medical Industry

Medical Industry   The Medical industry  is one of, if not the most important industries in the world. Its primary focus is to develop, manufacture, and distribute products and services aimed at improving human health like pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostic tools etc. Medical devices include a wide range of simple (syringes, thermometers etc.) and complex

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What Is Epoxy Adhesive

What Is Epoxy Adhesive?

What Is Epoxy Adhesive? Epoxy adhesives are a type of adhesive that is made up of two parts: resin and hardener. When these two components are mixed together, they react to form a strong and durable bond that can be used to join a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites. The key

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